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Tired of being undervalued?

As if your achievements count for nothing.

You pour your life into perfecting these skills.

And it’s easy to do…because for a lot of us the real world feels too intense. We utilize the tools we have -as an escape.

At NiNES, we understand that gaming may be what you’re the best at in your own life. We simply think the fact that it counts for nothing is horsesh*t!


We know we don’t speak for everyone. Our founder Jared had the realization [above] about himself, and decided he had to build his way out. Exactly why NiNES WILL BE the best way to make money playing video games. Our Wildly Important Goal.


We’ve stepped up to drive the success of players like us, whose hard work and passion in gaming are reduced to being a “Hobby”.

We call it “Gainful Gaming”. A video game revenue generator that prioritizes the way you experience the world. By pairing the ability to play someone marginally worse than you with numerous safeguards, NiNES bridges the gap between in-game achievement and real life goals.

Our reasons are bigger so our standards are higher.

We are raising an army and we need you with us.

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Statistically it’s 3x easier to go pro in basketball than make enough money to live on in video games. Together, we are the NiNES -the 99% that can’t make money doing what we love.

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Every feature in our Gainful Gaming platform is designed from the ground up to add value in your life or money in your pocket.

Elevate your abilities, outperform the competition, and earn the recognition you’ve longed for.

Join us, and Build Something Meaningful.

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Explore our latest thoughts on NiNES. In the newsfeed below, we cover gaming, mental health, esports, and the competitive gaming scene.